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General information
Health Monitor is a quarterly (bimonthly since 2012) Open Access journal of the Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research (IHSR), published from 2001 onward in Persian with abstract in English. Health Monitor (Payesh) focuses on collaboration among researchers, health professionals and community as the key to sharing knowledge, experiences and thus improving public's health. The Journal publishes papers that describe and evaluate a holistic, systemic view of health, illness, and model of health system.
This journal would serve as a suitable reflection of the activities carried out by the researchers in health sciences.
The journal is currently abstracted and indexed in several bibliographical databases.

Submission process
All manuscripts should be submitted online through Online Submission system of the journal. The submitting author takes all responsibilities for the article during submission and peer review.

Publication and peer review processes
After editorial assessment all submissions will be sent for peer review, unless they are either irrelevant to the scope of journal or below the journal's standards. They will generally be reviewed by two experts (blindly) with the aim of reaching a first decision as soon as possible. Reviewers are asked to declare any competing interests. In addition to their comments for the authors, reviewers are asked whether the writing is of acceptable quality. Where possible, the final decision is made on the basis that the peer reviewers are in accordance with one another, or that at least there is no strong disagreement. In cases where there is strong disagreement either among peer reviewers or between the authors and peer reviewers, advice is sought from a member of the journal's Editorial Board. The journal allows a maximum of two revisions for any manuscript.

Publication Ethics
Payesh  is committed to follow publication ethics as indicated by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
At present we are applying for membership.

Copyright and License
•    Copyright of all article published by Payesh is retained by the author(s).
•    Authors grant Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research a license to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher.
•    Authors also grant any third party the right to use the article freely as long as its integrity is maintained and its original authors, citation details and publisher are identified.
•  The Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.    formalizes these and other terms and conditions of publishing articles.

Article Processing Charges
At present we do not charge authors for publication fee. Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research has waived the APC.
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Health Monitor Journal of the Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research

2019، Volume 18، Number 4

Print ISSN: 1680-7626

Online ISSN: 2008-4536

Director-in-Charge: Ali Montazeri

Editor-in-Chief: Ali Montazeri

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Journal Information

  • Current Issue: 2019، Volume 18، Number 4
  • Print ISSN: 1680-7626
  • Online ISSN: 2008-4536
  • Editor-in-Chife: Ali Montazeri
  • Editorial Office: Arezou Asadi
  • Publisher: Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research, ACECR

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